Fast Rabbit Thursday is on for Jan 22! 6:30 pm


Looking forward to another swift ski at Windsor with the Track Attack crew (Coach Rob and Coach Ihor).  Get ready for skate technique-no grip wax used, and a bit of volume skiing: not an intense speed but it will be a steady pace.  If you have a water bottle belt bring it along for the ride.

Meet at Windsor Nordic Centre,  6:30 pm, off the snow by 8:00, outside at the ski rack on the right side as you get out the door.  If you don’t see us right away we are probably doing a few laps of the first fairway (start area to the left of the building). I will probably not be able to be able to hear my cell phone due to the ruckus in the building or due to the the fact that I’m probably skiing!

We’ll see you there!


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