“Sunday Session (11)”, Sunday, 1 February 2015 is Cancelled!

Hello Jackrabbit Managers!

Tomorrow’s session is… sigh… wait for it… cancelled…

Puddle sticks…

And were not cancelling because of the weather, even though that is going to be -21 degrees Celsius with a -28 windchill at the start of the now cancelled session.

Nope, we are cancelling because of the boiler-plate snow.  Without body armour (hard on the outside and soft and squishy on the inside) every (frequent) fall to the rock-hard snow would result in a plethora of “owies“.

Not the memories of skiing we want our kids to have.

So, in lieu of our group session on Sunday, if your kids are interested in creating their own let-it-snow dance, let them know that their coaches are in full support of this activity.  We need more snow!

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