Jackrabbit Jamboree: Ever Wanted To Be A Mascot? How About A “Chief of Kitchen”?

Hello Jackrabbit Managers,

Ever wanted to be a mascot?  How about a “Chief of Kitchen”?

If you are interested, Kenton Frith, friendly facial-haired skier found in this FIS-friendly photo, is looking for a couple of special somebodies to volunteer their efforts for the upcoming Jackrabbit Jamboree.

In (mostly) Kenton’s words:

“Sparky [the mascot] needs someone that can comfortably support his head. It’s is a bit heavy! That person also needs to be able to ski him during the mascot race! Only needs for an hour or so around the mascot race.”

“Chief of kitchen is a bigger one.  Need someone to manage the kitchen volunteers through the boiling up of 200 hot dogs… Usually that person is also responsible for getting the hot dogs, chips and drinks but this year I am very happy to take on that responsibility.  I am already going to make arrangements for sliced hot dog buns!  They also take care of the cookies and hot choc for snack in the afternoon. We have traditionally used the kitchen at [Windsor Park Nordic Centre], with a brief clean up the day before. There has also been some large pots at [Windsor Park Nordic Centre] that we have used to boil the dogs.  I took a quick look last week and didn’t see them so we will have to come up with alternatives! I have detailed list from last years chief if we can find someone interested I will send it over!”

If you have the right stuff, contact Kenton Frith directly at jrski@rainyday.ca to start the conversation.

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