Provincial Sprint Championships / MB Cup #1: Yes You Can Participate! Really!

“Provincial Sprint Championships / MB Cup #1”

Wow!  Intimidating name, isn’t it?

Kind of seems like only “serious” skiers should bother registering?  Perhaps only the “elite” lycra crowd?  Like why would Coach Rob even send this out to the hot-chocolate-and-wagon-wheel ski club?

Turns out that Jamie Giasson, the Event Facilitator, went out of his way this past Monday night to tell me that this seriously-named event is open to all skiers of all ages and all abilities.  Really.  Yes, even four-year-old kids are not only welcome but are strongly encouraged to participate.  All kids ten-ish and younger will receive a prize.  Guaranteed.

Each kid will ski no more than a 250 metre long, classic-technique (not skate technique), sprint race.  They will do this a total of three times over the three-hour period of this event.  No, that doesn’t mean you and your skier have to spend three hours outside.  Nope, they can hang out indoors at the Windsor Park Nordic Centre between races.

For more information see

If you are interested, you must register no later than 18:00 on Thursday, 26 February 2015 at

Yes, that gives you less than two days to decide.   Sorry.

Latest weather forecast is predicting a -14 degree Celsius air temperature rising to -11 degrees (with -23 to -18 windchills respectively) during this event.

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