REMINDER: APJ Lunch Wind-Up… Sunday April 26, 2015

Just a friendly reminder that our APJ lunch wind-up is taking place on Sunday!   Click here to sign up.

All APJ families are invited to attend this wind-up potluck regardless of the number of times you actually made it out this winter! We won’t judge.

Tuxedo CC is available for us from 1:30PM to 3:30PM. We hope to be eating by 1:45 p.m. The location is Tuxedo Community Centre skate building (see map). It has washrooms, a kitchen, a playground, and a paved pad.

We look forward to you sharing your family’s favourite meal item(s) at our potluck. We are currently at a count of 75 people attending…which is awesome!   Please ensure each menu item you bring is substantial enough to feed ~15-20 people.

Sign up ASAP if you plan to attend this event… that way we can be better prepared.

PLEASE NOTE: One family has requested that NO tuna be included in any potluck foods as there is a serious health concern associated. Thank you in advance for your sensitivity. We ask that you indicate any extreme food allergies ahead of time (for example: if an individual will be very sick around a particular food even if they avoid contact with it).

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