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Thursday Night at Beaudry Park!


We are going to go for it: a night ski at Beaudry Park just west of Headingley on the south side of the Assiniboine River. Classic skis, as there is no skate track.  If you have a head lamp, bring it along, but the moon is pretty bright right now. Let’s shoot for 6:30 at the Beaudry parking lot, a brisk loop of the south side trails and hot chocolate.

Coach Ihor’s cell phone is 204-479-0825, but the cell service will fade out once we get into the woods.

on google map:


or Ihor’s version of directions: about 25 minutes from Assiniboine Park

  • Drive WEST on Roblin and over the perimeter overpass as if you are going to Shelmerdine’s Garden Center,
  • Keep driving past Shelmerdine’s and into old Headingley staying on the south side of the river, wind your way within the speed limit through the village,
  • past the houses and some barns and then onto a gravel road
  • you will pass a Province of Manitoba works yard on your right  and you’re almost there,
  • Heads Up!, and turn right at the “really easy to drive past it in the dark” Beaudry Park sign, and in 200 m you are there.

and thank you all skiing parents and handlers AND COACHES for a wonderful Cookie event: it was beyond my wildest expectations – and Thank You Coach Rob  (what a guy) for the fantastic bibs and flags, shipped all the way from Switzerland!