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Ski opportunities outside city

Please note that there will be a regular session of APJ at the park tomorrow afternoon as usual.  However…

If you’re looking for EXTRA skiing fun this weekend… today AND tomorrow there are 2 places outside the city hosting awesome ski events!  Our family has participated in both in past years and highly recommend them.  (We’ll be heading out shortly to today’s event).

2016-btnc-distance-challenge-poster.jpg The event today at Burwalde Woods Trails entails:

  • a beautiful drive out to the country
  • spending a day skiing as much or as little as you want (the warm-up shelter is great)
  • meeting new friends who love skiing
  • eating TONS of SNACKS all day long and a PIZZA LUNCH (bring snacks to share)
  • FREE registration (but donations gladly accepted)
  • https://btncski.wordpress.com/  (all details)
  • For even more information contact:btncski@gmail.com

    Phil & Vera Froese (204) 325-4591



Here’s what the day entails if you choose to participate in tomorrow’s event:

It’s shaping up to be a great day as Al Grey is cooking up a homemade storm here in the valley!   For $8, you can savour (or devour) bison stew or veggie ratatouille (both gluten free) with a slice of homemade bread & a piece of chocolate cake.
Registration starts at 11am to 2pm & is $10 per person. Free for kids 12 & under.

There will be free hot apple cider and Gorp bars for all!  Coffee, tea, muffins and cinnamon buns will also be available for sale as well as homemade “sucre à la crème”!   Silent Auction prizes – 10 tickets for $5 or 25 tickets for $10.

We have the club’s skis for rent as well as 20 additional pairs for $5 per pair. (First come first serve.)  Volunteers will be on hand to assist with the distribution of the equipment.

Pumpkin Creek Ski Club info:
email: pumpkincreekskiclub@gmail.com
check out: PCSC facebook page or CCSAM website
call: 204-828-3232