Daily Archives: 2016-04-18

APJ: Club of the Year winner!

Just over a week ago, a small group from APJ attended the CCSAM awards night.  While it was a terrific night to meet a wide variety of Manitoba skiers, celebrate accomplishments, and enjoy a wonderful dinner together, it was especially exciting to hear the surprise announcement that Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits was nominated as “Club of the Year”!

Coach Ihor, who initiated our club, was once a participant, back in the day.  Said of Ihor that evening, “Here he is, 40 years later, passing along the love of cross-country skiing in Manitoba. Now that is dedication and loyalty.”

In fact, it was announced that child-skier-Ihor was part of the very first Jackrabbit ski club in Canada – and that club originated right here in Winnipeg! (see Ihor’s bio)

Now that’s something to celebrate.


Coaches Yan, Ihor, Jeff and Katherine with trophy “Club of the Year”