Headlamp Ski at Beaudry Park-Thursday

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hope you’re feelin’ the love today.

This Thursday, February 16, is APJ’s special ski outing to Beaudry Park for those families who want an extra challenge/adventure.

Beaudry Park is groomed with 16k of classic trails.  We won’t be skiing all 16 of them on Thursday.  Perhaps 5k…give or take.  (There are 2 smaller loops off the parking lot side.)

Directions here and park info here.
Temperature predicted to be a balmy 0℃ during the day with a low of -1℃ at night.
For those interested, meet in the Beaudry parking lot at 6:30pm.
Items to bring:
  • Headlamps
  • Hot chocolate mugs
  • Provincial Park pass


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