Good news… and Good news!

Apparently there was a huge shoveling party happening at Windsor Park last night… and thus…

Track Attack skiing will be a “GO” for APJ tonight!  Please be ready to skate-ski.  Same time.  Same place.  (6:30 p.m. at Windsor Park)

ALSO, in the good news stories…  one of our members had lost their orange APJ club jacket.  However, a wonderful person found the jacket, took initiative to seek out our club’s website, located our contact page, and submitted a comment indicating he had found it, giving us his contact info!  There are some really awesome people in this world!  The jacket and its owner are now happily reunited.  🙂

Website Schedule/Calendar will be updated as follows (snow dependent for some):
– February 26: photos with Stafford Studios
– March 5: Falcon excursion
– March 12: Cookie sprints (and wind-up???)
– March 19: ???
– March 26 & April 2: Spring Break – no skiing

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