What’s up this week?

Well done, APJ coaches!  Yesterday, our usual ski session had to be reconfigured and moved to the Formal Gardens due to the melt/freeze that’s been happening. We have some pretty flexible coaches who can make anything work!  Happy skiers played games, worked an obstacle course, hunted down rubber chickens, and skied the loop, all the while smiling for photos with Stafford Studios.

Photos will most likely be complete in two weeks’ time.  If you didn’t submit an order form, but would like to do so after viewing your photos, give Stafford Studios a call to arrange for that.

Tomorrow evening is the annual DASH FOR CASH… a very fun, short, ski event where every child wins chocolate loonies and/or real loonies!  WIN-WIN!  It’s for any skier from Nursery to Grade 6.  Coach Jeff McMillan and Coach Steve Scoles are the hosts who make this event a blast… (read below for details)

Next Sunday March 5 is intended to be APJ’s annual Falcon excursion – an all day event.  Due to the melt/freeze thing making it icy, some trails are closed.  So please stand by and await a final decision on this club event as the coaches find out more about trail conditions.

The DASH FOR CASH is back!

Brought to you by:

Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits and Downtown Nordic

Sponsored by:

YES Ski wax!

TUESDAY, February 28TH 6:45PM


Training grid area


Classic technique. Grades N-2 approx. 50 m.   Grades 3-6 approx. 100 m.  Races will go in order of grades starting with Nursery.

For categories with less than 8 entrants: the first heat is against one other person. The person who finishes first in this heat receives a loonie and goes to the A side final, the person who finishes in second place gets a ‘chocolate loonie’ and goes to the B-Side Final.

For categories with 8 or more entrants: we will run heats of 4, with top two going to the A Final and the bottom two going to the B Final. Loonies for top two, chocolate loonies for bottom two.

Finals will be mass start. 1st ,2nd, and 3rd place medals will be awarded to the winners of the A-side group for each grade.

This is an entry level, fun oriented, participation event.


$2.00 per child.  Thank you to our sponsor YES Ski Wax for making this event more affordable!


The event is open to students from Nursery up to and including Grade 6.


Registration will take place from 5:30 to 6:30 PM at Windsor Park Nordic Center. No registrations will be accepted after 6:30 PM. (to allow time to make the race schedule)


ALL racers MUST complete the Entry Form and have the waver signed by a parent or guardian before being allowed to race.  Waiver posted on www.ccsam.ca


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