Toques & Buffs (and APJ clothing orders)

Hello APJ families.  Two announcements:

1.  The Cross-Country Ski Canada toques and buffs have arrived!  They will be distributed this afternoon (during hot chocolate time). Below is a sneak peak of what they look like this season.

Each year the toques are part of a contest across Canada and are designed by a young skier between the ages of 5-9.  For more details on this year’s toque design contest visit the following page:

APJ club members 9 years and younger will receive a toque.  APJ club members 10 years and older will receive a buff.  (If you want to trade toque for buff or vice versa, please find someone and do that on your own time to ensure distribution flows smoothly.)

FYI:  If you’re part of our APJ club, you’ve already paid for this toque/buff in your club fees.  However, if you want an extra one, the cost is $8.00/each.


2.  You’ve probably seen the snazzy orange and blue jackets worn by many of our APJ club members.  If you/your child would like to “join the crowd”, our online Storefront with PodiumWear is now open.  For more information on ordering APJ clothing, please visit our Marketplace page for more details.

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