Manitoba Winter Games & APJ!

Hey everyone: we have a team of APJ skiers and coaches in Thompson this week skipping school and not shoveling snow!  Actually we’re all working and skiing hard at the Manitoba Winter Games.  Racing are:

  • Patrick McManus
  • Hudson McMillan
  • Don Han Lau
  • Hayes McMillan
  • Axelle Loiselle
  • Nastassia Loiselle
  • James Barwinsky
    and coaching, are:
  • Katherine Styrchak (AKA Coach Katherine)
  • Jeff McMillan (AKA Coach Jeff)

& Coach Ihor

What a day of racing: medals from Hudson, Axelle, Nastassia and James!

GO APJ!  More medals results potential in the free technique races on Wednesday.  Stayed tuned to this blog and this link: 2018 winter games hit the results link


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