No session today, March 4…

Based on the diminishing snow and ski trails, in addition to the lack of coaches able to attend today, there will be NO session at the park this afternoon.

Coaches Ihor, Jeff, and Katherine are now on buses accompanying seven APJ members to Thompson for the MB Winter Games this week!   They will be coaching our skiers: James, Hayes, Hudson, Axelle, Nastassja, Don-Han, and PJ.

Opening ceremonies begin at 8:30pm tonight (Sunday March 4), & ski races will take place Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Live coverage is available through Shaw.

Congratulations to all who qualified for participating in these Winter Games and all the best as each of you compete!


Hudson & Don-Han (wearing their offical Wpg Team Gold & Wpg Team Blue jackets)


James, PJ, Nastassja & Axelle, Hayes & Coach Jeff

Also in the works… we are attempting to pin down a date for a wind-up where all coaches can be in attendance.  We are looking at dates in April (after Spring break).  More info will follow.  Traditionally the wind-up takes place on a Sunday (noon/afternoon time-frame).

Finally, next Saturday March 10 is slated as the Jackrabbit Jamboree – a fun, family day of skiing and LOTS of games and prizes at Windsor Park (preschool to grade 6).  Please keep checking in with the CCSAM website and our APJ website this week to see if the event will continue to run… melting snow and unpredictable spring weather is upon us!

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