Thank you to ALL!

THANK YOU to all members of our APJ ski club!  It was a great season and, despite the strange lack of snow for most of the winter, we still skied a lot and really made the best of it.  Winnipegers are a hearty bunch!

Credit goes to all our PARENTS/CAREGIVERS!  You:

  • got your kids ready & out the door on cold Sunday afternoons!
  • opened an avenue for your kids to learn a new sport/new skills
  • had patience picking your kids up off the snow…again & again!
  • learned new skills yourselves (some as first-time skiers)

And of course a special thank you goes to our devoted COACHES!  Ihor, Jeff, Katherine, Yan, Blaine & Mhairi, Axelle & Nastassja… we so much appreciate your skills, your patience, your direction & creative coaching techniques, the energy you bring to each session, and all the time you devote to the club.

It was fun to meet once again this afternoon for our wind-up and try to recognize each another in regular clothing!  Have a safe and enjoyable summer and we look forward to seeing you again in the Fall.

– Gina

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