Biathlon Dryland Learn to Shoot Session

Yes!  Biathlon Session is a go for SATURDAY, June 22.
BAM (Biathlon Manitoba) will put on a one-day run-shoot clinic for APJ skiers 11 years old and up (coach-sized ages included) on Saturday June 22 at Falcon.

Start time is 10:00 a.m. Falcon Trails chalet
Ends 3:00,

Potluck lunch and hotdogs on the BBQ!

You will need to bring:

Running shoes, as we are running on trails,
A small back pack to carry your things out to the biathlon range,
A change of clothing for the ride home, especially if it is raining,
A beach towel for cleaning yourself up after training (remember we are at a beautiful lake!),
Water bottle,
Mosquito repellant,
Sun hat,
A capacity to listen and learn! And not from Ihor!

Register here:
Biathlon Canada:
with BAM and Biathlon Canada as Recreational athletes and as supporters (about $20.) This will allow them to race in the winter if they want.
This is important, as we are using fire arms. All totalled should be $20 for the membership part.

APJ will pick up the event fees (!)

You will need to register with the Biathlon links above so that we are insured for the event, and please email so we know how many rifles to prepare. Getting the range ready is a lot of work (it really is) so it’s important to know how many are going to shoot.

Thanks, Coach Ihor

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