Biathlon reminder for Saturday & Manitoba Marathon

A quick reminder on the Biathlon session this Saturday, and what a Manitoba Marathon!

Skiers are great runners! Who would have known!

We have always had a great history with the Manitoba Marathon, recently with Laurie P and Richard H being key holders to the office, Andy D annually scraping Ihor off the infield at the finish, and at the very beginning decades ago with Jack Sasseville enlisting all the jackrabbits to fit out the finish line for the very first one at the the old Polo Park stadium: the year of running to Headingley and back-very simple but insane!

This year skiers won their categories:
  • Danielle Papin #1 in F60-69 Half Marathon
  • Imogen Naidlersmith #1 in F16-19 Half Marathon
  • Aaron Warkentin #1 in M16-19 Half Marathon
  • Earl Isaac #1 in M60-64 Full Marathon
Honourable mentions from a quick scan of the results:
Murray Carter in the full, Yan Lau in the Half,
Levi Warkentin, and Mattias Klassen both 4th in their categories for the half,
Casey Nelson, Torin the torrent Frith, Tessa Warkentin and Meaghan Smith in the half,
and those very light relay guys who floated by me during my annual cramping and nausea, Hudson, Raphael and James.
And a huge thanks to all that got athletes to the start line and exchange zones and cheered relentlessly: That’s you Kenton, and the MC of the Wolseley exchange zone- Chris Roe- you are the best!
If I missed a name, I apologize, my vision and cognitive abilities are just starting to return. See you soon on roller skis at Birdshill or at the the October training camp!
Coach Ihor


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