HI! Skate Ski Session at Wildewood 1:30 Sunday

Hello Active APJers and Track Attack,

I’ll be out at Wildewood like last week, some more video, and this time I think we’ll be on the golf course side as the wind will be up. Probably bring some warmer gloves too!

Coach Ihor

More track attacking and APJActive Sunday


Back at Wildewood trails like last week, Sunday 1:30.

It won’t be crazy cold so don’t overdress the hands as we’ll be going a bit faster than usual and for sure bring a water bottle of some kind,

This time we’re going to focus on skate technique,

Coach Ihor

Track Attack skiing CLASSIC at Wildewood Sunday Nov. 21, 1:30

Hello Track Attackers,

I’ll be at Wildewood for classic ski “retraining”. It’s been groomed and the snow should be an easy grip! Bring a water bottle as well.

Head for the corner of Oakenwald and North Drive, close to the Wildwood Park Community Centre, with on street parking.

See you there!

APJ will not be hosting sessions for skiers of ages under 12

Hello All,

Due to the persistence of our current pandemic situation, I hate to announce that

  • APJ won’t be hosting sessions for skiers of ages under 12 and
  • all others must be fully vaccinated (proof of 2 vaccination treatments) against COVID 19. 

The request for vaccinations is concurrent with the Cross Country Ski Association of Manitoba (CCSAM) COVID-19 Vaccination Policy of November 10, 2021.  This Policy is intended to encourage, support and maximize Covid-19 vaccination rates and protect the health of all participants at CCSAM events this season. 

From <https://www.ccsam.ca/covid-19-vaccination-policy-event-attendance-participation/>

As such, APJ will be hosting Track Attack level ski training only and, sadly, has decided to not host Jackrabbit or Bunnyrabbit level sessions for the foreseeable future.  This decision was made to ensure that coaches and skiers remain healthy and do not pass on unwelcome illness to their own families and fellow students and coworkers. 

If the COVID-19 Situation improves in the new year, APJ will reassess and communicate out at that time,

Thank you for your understanding,

Ihor Barwinsky

Skiing is returning! Get on a Ski Team!

Ski club coaches, parents & athletes – please share widely…


Cross Country skiers aged 12 and older – CCSAM Provincial Development Program is looking for YOU!
and “Team Winnipeg” needs skiers for this winter’s Manitoba Games!

Our Provincial Development Program (PDP) brings together athletes and coaches from clubs across the province. The program needs a “re-start” after a full year of Covid isolation.

We want to find skiers in clubs across the province who are interested in racing, including those who are new to racing!

If you are unsure if you should sign up, please contact your club coach or call Megan Carter at 204-479-7834 for more information. Signing up is FREE and will get you on our contact list so you know what opportunities are coming up.

The program provides coordination of provincial training camps & athlete testing. A few of our training camps include opportunities for newer skiers. Additionally, the PDP is responsible for input into:

  • Provincial competition schedule
  • Selection criteria for traveling teams including National Championships and Canada Winter Games
  • Coaching and waxing technical support for traveling teams
  • Financial assistance for athletes & coaches
  • Opportunities for coaching professional development

PARENTS: Find out more about CCSAM’s Provincial Development Program by joining a VIRTUAL INFO SESSION – Thursday May 27th at 7:00 PM.

This session is intended for parents looking for more information on the program. Bring your questions!

Time: May 27, 2021 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9232255580

On being a good ski ambassador…

please check this message! (if you are an experienced, able to provide assistance type of skier)

We will be postponing Jackrabbits programming until the new year pending improvement in current Health Emergency

Hello all skiers,

We’re going to hold off on organized ski training for the time being, to evaluate Jan. 1 of 2021 pending improvement in the Health Emergency.

Sorry everybody, I know everyone has been looking for some instruction and coaching for their skiers, but the current state of affairs is a bit much. I actually made up a hazard assessment matrix, like at work, for our activities and modified activities, and I couldn’t safely show how to pull this off with confidence. Even the national race calendar will probably be cancelled outright.

BUT! that doesn’t mean that you have to stop skiing. Well, some snow would help, but you can still get out and slide. The ski community is still committed to grooming trails and dispensing information and guidance. Look forward to some virtual ski events challenging clubs and individuals.

Please stay on standby as conditions can change and, as with most things right now, we need to be agile and adaptive! Topics will be appearing on this site to give you ideas and motivation. Right now the club won’t be doing an intake for registration but we’ll be acting as an information resource for the time being.

Let’s keep in touch and stay happy and healthy and considerate. Skiable snow isn’t far away!

Coach Ihor

Well: this is going to be interesting…


On snow sessions to start Sunday Nov. 29, expecting snow! and a lot to talk about here. Please understand that the discussion points below are for keeping the skiers safe.

I know that ski parents have been asking for more details as to what may happen this winter but there are many scenarios to play out here, as I’m sure you will understand. Everything depends on our health emergency status and how many we can put together at one time.

Registration won’t open until the end of October when some higher up discussions have taken place.

Track Attack size skiers: no immediate or catastrophic changes, as everyone is mobile, gets the distancing thing and they don’t need assistance getting up and pointed in the right direction, and I am willing to get them going as soon as we can.

Bunny/Jackrabbit and not-so-mobile is a different situation. As well, we have sadly lost a few coaches due to aging out and changing family commitments. To go forward, we will need to recruit some parents to jump in help lead the sessions.  What this means is that we will need parents on snow to herd cats, er… skiers and make sure that they get up off the snow and get pointed in the right direction. To go forward with this there will be a need to take some coaching training, beginning with online work- not arduous, but still a time commitment.

In terms of protection from infection, parents will be expected to pick up only their skiers.  The planned games and training used in the past will be heavily changed and will be pretty much a real drag: no more shark attack, hot chocolate or close together fire pits. One option is not games but simply going for ski tours.

Other things:  (almost done!)

We cannot depend on access to the Duck Pond Shelter due to crowding. This will need some input from the “landlord”. Other clubs are having the same issue.

We may also need to reschedule/suspend several Sunday sessions as skiers and coaches will be at race events if they go ahead.  The events schedule is yet to be determined and is dependent on Health Emergency guidelines at that time.

So there are still a lot of balls being juggled and believe me this has been going for a few months now. Please understand that we are all volunteers at this, and would like to not get the bug as we have family and work obligations and it could turn into a true health emergency for some of us. I would consider it a personal and shameful failure if any skiers in our club got sick due to skiing.

Please stand by! I know it’s a big ask,

Coach Ihor

APJ Active! Training


Please say that we have been behaving and helping others!

Sunday May 17, if anyone is out and about and needs to see a familiar ski face, we can perhaps just get out and do the Wellington-Wolseley big loop, crossing the river at Maryland, and then at the train bridge at the west end of the loop. The loop itself is about 8 km. Track attackers should be able to run that in 55 – 60 min. Bicycles much faster. Enter the loop wherever you want, and wave and say Hi! when you see someone. Perhaps start looping at 11:00?

Has anyone paddled the rivers yet?

So that we don’t end up chasing our tails, we go in opposite directions: if you are starting on Wolseley, go east (towards downtown) and if you are starting on Wellington, also go east, so Wolseley starters turn right all the time and Wellington starters turn left all the time.

I must say that I have enjoyed seeing many APJ skiers and families out and about riding and running on Wellington Crescent and Wolseley Ave. Good job on getting out and saying active.

On that note, there is a new page at our website that is to be for fitness training programs and schedules.  Check the home page menu bar, at the top.  The master plan is to get as many APJ skiers as possible on the Winnipeg teams racing at the Manitoba Games two winters from now.  All of our Track Attackers are very viable candidates.  We were well represented at the Thompson Games a couple of years ago and that was a lot of fun.

Right now there is a link for general ski strength exercises that everyone can do 2-3 times per week. More training ideas will appear in the next two weeks.   Track attackers: get in touch with Coach Ihor for individual training programs.  



Thursday Night is the Dash for Cash at Windsor Park, and other events…

Hello all,

This Thursday is the Dash for Cash, hosted by Downtown Nordic.  This event has a long history and is a ton of fun for younger skiers,

  • school grades Nursery to 9.
  • Registration is at Windsor Park Nordic Centre, Thursday from 5:30 -6:30
  • and first race at 6:45.
  • Distances 50, 100 & 200 m  -short and fast!
  • Registration fee $1.00

Sunday March 1, last session in Assiniboine Park (what a winter!)

Thursday night March 5, Beaudry Park headlamp ski, classic skis only as there is no skate track, and remember to bring the headlamp.  Meet at the parking lot at 6:45.
google map to https://goo.gl/maps/uh73V7rzGpmSQztE9

And to wind it all up: Falcon Lake Ski Expedition Sunday March 8, 10:00 at the ski hill

google map to https://goo.gl/maps/dBEGJQufYzTju7gS9

It’s a full day affair with awesome skiing for all abilities and tubing on the hill or more track skiing if you didn’t get enough in the morning, and pack a lunch and your provincial park pass,

Coach Ihor