Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits: Jackrabbit Expedition (Sunday, 9 March 2014) (Sent 2014-03-07)

Hello Jackrabbit Managers,

This upcoming Sunday, 9 March 2014, is the Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits “Jackrabbit Expedition”. The Jackrabbit Expedition is our once-a-year excursion (day-trip) to a ski area beyond the Perimeter Highway. It is an official session of the Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits (

And yes, really, the weather is forecast to be lovely, with air temperatures starting at -7 degrees Celsius (when we arrive at 11:00) and climbing to a “tropical” -1 degree Celsius (when we leave at 16:30) (see No, I am not lying to you. We can really go outside a play on skis on Sunday!

This year, like many years in the past, we will be journeying to Falcon Ridge Ski and Recreation Area (, in Falcon Lake, in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

So, you may ask, why Falcon Ridge and why this weekend?

  • Falcon Ridge Ski and Recreation Area has more than 25 km of groomed classic and free technique (skate) ski trails in a forested and hilly environment ( We intend to ski in three groups, based on ability, so that everyone can have a good and long (for them) ski. We will likely do so soon after arriving at the chalet at 11:00.
  • We intend to have lunch in the chalet likely starting between 12:00 and 12:30 and will likely end at 13:00. The Falcon Ridge Café serves hot meals ( and accepts credit cards. And yes, it is heated, is comfortable, and yes indeed, has running water and flush toilets.
  • Falcon Ridge Ski and Recreation Area is the home of Megan Imrie, one of our very few 2010 Vancouver and 2014 Sochi Olympic biathletes (
  • And, on Sunday, 9 March 2014, while we are there, Biathlon Manitoba will be holding their Provincial Championship (for both kids and adults) at Falcon Ridge (
  • It has been the intent of the coaches of the Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits, for a few years now, to have our APJ skiers get at least a quick and lively demonstration of what the sport of biathlon is, and perhaps even get our APJ kids to go through some or all of the motions of competing in a mini-biathlon race. To this end, we have arranged with the organizers to get such a short demo, tailored to our very young APJ Bunnyrabbits right up to our Track Attack kids. This may likely occur either at about 11:00 (before the biathlon race) or at about 14:30 (after the biathlon race). The mass start race starts at 13:00 and it is the intent that we will watch this race for at least a few minutes before continuing on our skiing way. Please note that these details in both what and when will be worked out before our arrival on Sunday. Also, it is possible that our very own Coach Jeff may be an official competitor in that mass start biathlon race before resuming his APJ coaching duties!
  • Falcon Ridge Ski and Recreation Area has lift-assisted tubing ( Bring your own helmet (and goggles) from home or rent onsite when you rent the tube (credit cards accepted). This tubing tends to be the highlight of the Jackrabbit Expedition for almost all of our kids. We will likely start tubing at about 14:30 to 15:30 and continue until about 16:00 to 16:30. The chalet closes at 16:30.
  • Jackrabbit Managers, please bring your cross country skis to enjoy this day with your skier(s). Or, you can rent cross country ski equipment on site ( Nevertheless, “loitering” is indeed allowed for any non-skiing designated drivers.

Please note that Daylight Saving Time just happens to start also on the morning of Sunday, 9 March 2014 ( That is why we are going to meet at the chalet at 11:00 CDT: It will feel like 10:00 CST.

Please note that a Provincial Park Vehicle Permit is once again required when in provincial parks (


Coach Rob

(on behalf of Coaches Ihor, Katherine, and Jeff)

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