RE: Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits: Jackrabbit Expedition (Sunday, 9 March 2014) (Sent 2014-03-08)

Hello Jackrabbit Managers,

Great news!

Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits, from our youngest Bunnyrabbits right through to our oldest Track Attack skiers – and even their caregivers – will now have a Mini Biathlon talk, show, touch, and do session (put on by the Biathlon Association of Manitoba) at the biathlon range at Falcon Ridge Ski and Recreation Area. The session will very likely start at 11:00 (or shortly thereafter) and must be completed no later than 11:30 on Sunday (to make way for the official competitors).

Do you and/or your Track Attack skier (who must be ten-years old or older) want to experience hands-on prone shooting with significant shoulder-to-shoulder instruction? If the answer is yes, then please print the attached Biathlon Association of Manitoba release and waiver form, then print and sign one waiver and release form for each participant. Give these completed forms to Ron Pelletier a few minutes before the demo/activity.

Cost for this biathlon activity is free!

Therefore, our revised Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits schedule for the 2013-2014 Jackrabbit Expedition might look something like this:

  • 08:45-10:45 – Drive from Winnipeg to Falcon Ridge Ski and Recreation Area.
  • 10:45-11:00 – Get skate skis (if you have them) on and ski to biathlon range.
  • 11:00-11:30 – Mini-Biathlon orientation at range. Ron Pelletier and his helpers intend to give us (both APJ kids and APJ parents!) up to 30 minutes of talk, show, touch, and do. Our APJ portion must be finished no later than 11:30.
  • 11:30-12:30 – Skate and/or classic ski in three APJ groups.
  • 12:30-12:55 – Have lunch in chalet.
  • 12:55-13:15 – Watch mass start biathlon race (and first round of shooting?).
  • 13:15-14:30 – Skate and/or classic ski in three APJ groups.
  • 14:30-15:00 – Snack time and transition to tubing.
  • 15:00-16:30 – Tubing.
  • 16:30-18:30 – Drive back to Winnipeg.

If your family is intending to come along on the 2013-2014 Jackrabbit Expedition, then please reply back to me.

If you would like to car pool with another family, or you would like to offer your vehicle to carpooling, then please reply back to all so that we can try to arrange it.

Latest weather forecast is now predicting 0 to +3 degree Celsius weather at ski time with even some ultraviolet light! Yeah! It’s warm!


Coach Rob

(on behalf of Coaches Ihor, Katherine, and Jeff)

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