“Sunday Session (13)” Sunday, 15 February 2015 Is On [So Far] [And Somewhere]

Crazy!  If all you had read was the latest Environment Canada weather forecast for Sunday (“Wind chill minus 36.”) you would say to yourself, “Hey, skiing is for sure cancelled!”.

Crazier still is that I would then say, “Nope, skiing for Sunday is still on!”.  The reason is that when you look at the hour-by-hour version of that very same Environment Canada weather forecast you can see that the air temperature is predicted to be a doable -16 degrees Celsius with a -26 windchill at the start of our skiing session, and climbing to a -24 windchill by the end.

Now, that still is a model.  And if the model is looking a wee bit optimistic by 11:30 on Sunday morning, we may be able to move our outdoor session into a fabulous indoor facility (in the works).

So, I will post around 11:30 Sunday morning indicating if we are:  skiing outdoors; exercising indoors; or outright cancelling.

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