“Sunday Session (13)” Sunday, 15 February 2015 Is On!

Hello Jackrabbit Managers,

Yeah! Mother Nature is (kind of) cooperating today. The last two runs of the Meteocode weather model are mostly corresponding to what is actually happening, so today’s outdoor session is indeed on.

Not to say that the weather will be truly delightful. Doable would be the better word.

Air temperature is forecast to be -16 degrees Celsius with a -25 windchill at the start and improving to -14 air temperature and -20 windchill at the end of today’s session.

Given that the snow has been colder than -20 degrees today’s technique will be classic (not skate). Put your grip wax on in the comfort of your home if you have appropriate grip wax. If not, the coaches will supply grip wax on site.

Meet at 13:30 on The Hummocks.

Hot chocolate and wagon wheels will very likely be in the Duck Pond Shelter. Please bring a reusable mug.

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