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“Biathlon Manitoba’s “End of Year Event””, Saturday, 14 March 2015 Is Not Available?!

Earlier this week I told you about “ Biathlon Manitoba’s “End of Year Event”” that was scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, 14 March 2015 and/or Sunday, 15 March 2015, at Falcon Ridge Ski & Recreation Area.

On Wednesday night, the organiser, Ron Pelletier told me that he intended to open up Zone4 registration late Wednesday night for this event.  Furthermore, he had indicated that the event would only take place on Saturday.  There would be no events on Sunday.  And there would be two races held on Saturday.

Unfortunately, less than twenty-four hours after being posted, the Zone4 registration for this event closed at 20:59 Thursday night.

So, it appears that we have all missed registering for our once-a-year biathlon experience.


“Boundary Trails Distance Challenge”, Saturday, 14 March 2015 Is Cancelled!

Earlier this week I told you about the “Boundary Trails Distance Challenge” that was scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, 14 March 2015.  Remember ski, smile, eat?

Unfortunately, it has nowbeen cancelled due to the “rapid meltdown” of their ski trails.

“Fast Rabbits Thursday 12″ Is On!

Tonight’s session of Fast Rabbits Thursday is on!

See you at 19:00.  Finished by 20:15.

I just checked with the staff at Windsor Park Nordic Centre and there is indeed still lots of skiable snow for tonight’s Fast Rabbits Thursday!  Not much has disappeared since last night (except for bridges which we will walk).

Because the snow is currently on the slow side (hey, it is +9 degrees Celsius!) and will likely remain slow and soft-ish through our session tonight, I would like to invite all kids who would like a big ski to come on out tonight.

“Fast Rabbits Thursday 12″, Thursday 12 March 2015 Is On! So Far!

Really!  It’s on!  At least so far.  To be confirmed (or cancelled) around 16:30 on Thursday afternoon.

As of 20:30 on Wednesday night, there was still lots of snow at Windsor Park Nordic Centre on which to ski using either the classic or skate techniques.  The several kilometres of blue trail was rocket snow for skating.  Only about 50 to 100 metres of that trail had little or no snow.

Forecast is for a windchill free +6 degrees Celsius at our 19:00 start time.

However, because most of the day is predicted to be above 0 degrees we will post at about 16:30 to let you know if the snow is still skiable.