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“SnowKidz Cross-Country Cross 2015″ (Now Cancelled!)


Sorry, kids.

“SnowKidz Cross-Country Cross 2015″, originally scheduled from 13:30 to 16:00 on Sunday, 22 March 2015, to be held in Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, has now been cancelled.

This free event has been cancelled due to a really, really, really bad case of “grass-itis”.  It may be months before Mother Nature recovers from this serious snow deficiency.

Here is what the SnowKidz Cross-Country Cross 2015 venue looked like at T-Minus- One-Week-To-SnowKidz-Cross-Country-Cross-2015:


“Where Did All The Snow Go?”

Assiniboine Park Jackrabbit nordic ski club Track Attack member looks at where she normally skis in what is normally her snowy ski play area.


“If You Don’t Have Your Snow You Can’t Have Your SnowKidz!”
(with apologies to Pink Floyd)

It’s one week to the day before the SnowKidz Cross-Country Cross 2015 is to be held and almost all of the snow has melted (weeks before normal).


“Mother Nature: Ptooie!”

By 2015-03-15, nine of the last ten days has seen air temperatures well above 0 degrees Celsius. The last two days have been +13 and +14 degrees Celsius.
Exactly one week before the proposed event, solar irradiance makes it feel like +21 degrees Celsius in the sun (and +15 degrees Celsius in the shade).
Normal maximum temperature is -1 degree Celsius with a normal minimum temperature of -11 degrees Celsius on 15 March.