Record-breaking numbers out for events last week

This past week has been more than exciting for our APJ group with record-breaking numbers out for two different events!

Last Thursday we had ten of our APJ skiers show up for the annual “Dash for Cash” event at Windsor Park.  (see photo page)  What a great night!  Thanks, Coach Jeff and Downtown Nordic leader, Steve Scoles, for heading that up again this year.  Thanks also to the large number of volunteers who made Dash for Cash possible.  It was not only a fun event for the kids to race for loonies (both real and chocolate), but great fun for the spectators to witness such incredible talent in these young skiers!


Coach Jeff McMillan & Steve Scoles – Dash for Cash event organizers

Then, this past Sunday we had another record number of APJ families out for our annual excursion to Falcon Ridge Ski Resort.  With balmy +8℃ temperatures, we were skiing in single layers, tank tops, t-shirts, etc… and eating our lunch outdoors.   (When was the last time you heard a complaint of being too hot during cross-country-skiing in Manitoba?!)  Of course, we had to round out the day with some tubing… and suntanning.  Thanks to everyone who showed up with smiles on for a great time together!

largest APJ group at Falcon - March 6, 2016 (plus 2 more families showed up later!)

largest APJ group at Falcon – March 6, 2016 (plus 2 more families showed up later!)

tubing fun after skiing

tubing fun after skiing

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