Sunday skiing frozen out! Christmas gift ideas too!

Of course Sunday would be the coldest day of this polar vortex blast. The coaches have discussed lesson plans and we all concurred that it would be a lot of dressing up for a 30 minute ski.  Big wind from the south creates a large wind hazard in the park’s teaching areas so we will cancel this Sunday`s  session.

Events coming up:

This Wednesday Candy Cane Classic race at Windsor Park: several APJ skiers have committed to going – lots of fun, lots of younger skiers and it will be significantly warmer! Go to

This Thursday:  TRACK ATTACK  SKIING at Windsor Park, 6:30 pm on the skis.  Parents are welcome too (you can pick up some technique tips)! Plan on skate skis for this one.  Let Coach Ihor know if you are coming so we don`t miss anyone on the trails.

Gift ideas:  

Checking out the local shops, and it seems that they have done a great job of stocking really good junior poles.  Look for a tapered shaft for $35-40 and at that length they weigh absolutely nothing. If you get them for skate length now you will have classic poles 1 or 2 seasons later.  If they don’t have the specific length, they can cut them down to size ( or Coach Ihor can help with this one).

Canadian Tire!: boot or anything wet dryer that you put over the floor vent thing.  A Nobel Prize worthy device $10.00-

See you skiing Wendesday!

Coach Ihor


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