Sunday January 15…two ski events

Last call for registration for the Jackrabbit Jamboree which takes place this coming Sunday January 15 at Windsor Park Nordic Centre.  There are 16 spots remaining and the deadline is noon of Thursday January 12.  Registration and details here. 

For those who are new to attending this annual event, please know that it is a very fun time and non-threatening for new skiers. Temperatures are predicted to be quite pleasant.

For the young ones, the morning is filled with a scavenger hunt (followed by prizes), fun games (with more prizes), and then a hot dog/chips/drink lunch.  The afternoon is fun for those who like doing all kinds of different, short races on the grid (chocolate given after each race).

If you are debating about attending because your child doesn’t know how to ski very well yet, this event might just be the turning point and get your child to love the sport!

Alternatively, if the Jackrabbit Jamboree is not calling your name quite yet, Fort Whyte Alive is offering their annual SnowTrek on Sunday January 15 from 11:00 to 4:00.  Free admission.  Details here.

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