PHOTOS! Take a look…

1. Photos from the Jamboree are now posted… under the “Photos” menu link.  If you took any photos that day and would like to share them with our group, please feel free to email them to me and I will gladly add them to the collage.

2.  I am sloooowly adding our new family pictures to our “directory”.  Due to the size of APJ this year, I only have pictures of 24 out of our 44 families!  To help me out, please forward me a family photo if you don’t see yourselves pictured within our APJ Families link.

3.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS:  SUNDAY FEBRUARY 26 is our club photos date.  Stafford Studios will be taking individual/family photos as well as a large group photo.  That date is also the day when we will be doing our 2nd annual Cookie-Sprint-Relay.  It’s a super fun time with tons of cookies (we had so many leftover last year that I think we’ll need to begin devouring them right from the start this time around!)

4.  For families looking to get involved in some exciting ski events… CCSAM has all the details.  (Pinawa Loppet this weekend: Jan. 21;  Falcon ski with Biathlon Open-House: Jan. 28-29;  Boundary Trails Distance Challenge:  February 24-25;  Riding Mountain Loppet: March 4-5…)  If you have any questions about these ski events, just ask.  We’ve been there and we’ll be happy to tell you more!

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