Falcon Races: registration deadline extended to Thursday January 26

For the more adventurous and/or advanced skiers in our group, please note that there are some exciting ski races going on this weekend at Falcon Ridge Ski & Recreation Area!  (Visit CCSAM to view all info re: the CCSAM Provincial Sprints.)

The registration deadline (which was originally tonight) has been extended to tomorrow, Thursday January 26 at noon.  The reason for the registration extension is due to changes from classic to skate (freestyle) technique.


The CCSAM Provincial Sprints will showcase an exciting new sprint format known as King’s Court which has been used in cup races in Canmore and Thunder Bay.  Again, visiting CCSAM will inform you of all details.

If you are interested in this event and have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask the coaches for more details.

P.S.  Rumour has it that Windsor Park was amazing last night for skiing!  Groomed beautifully and super fast!

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