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APJ wind-up-Sunday April 8

Just a reminder that our APJ wind-up is this coming Sunday, April 8.

Please see the highlighted post on our website (the one in yellow, tagged to the top of the chain of posts) for all the details.  (There are links which lead you to the sign-up sheet on the PerfectPotluck website.)

Photos, awards, and a wind-up

  1.  Photos from today (the snow was perfect for some extra fun!) And a photo from our last ski night at Windsor Park this past Thursday.

2.  Awards…  each year CCSAM asks parents (et al) to nominate “any number of deserving members of our ski family”.  The deadline for nominations happens to be TODAY!  So… if you have someone in mind, click HERE for the link.  These are the categories for which you may nominate a person or group:

  • volunteer
  • sport builder
  • family
  • coach
  • club
  • senior skier
  • junior skier
  • master skier
  • most improved skier
  • special recognition

The awards are given out at the annual awards banquet on Saturday April 7 at Rossmere Country Club.  Visit Zone4 to to purchase your meal tickets for the banquet:
Deadline for meal tickets – Wed Apr 4th at NOON

3.  APJ wind-up:  APRIL 8, 2018.  Please read the previous post which contains the details and link to sign-up.

Watch yourself skiing at the park!

Our very own, talented, APJ dad, Peter Sim, recently created a 2-minute video of everyone skiing at the park this past Sunday.  Take a look here! It’s great!

If you would like to watch Peter’s ski videos from previous APJ sessions, they’re located on the LINKS page of our website… they’re so fun!

APJ wind-up – Sunday April 8

Please mark your calendars for our APJ wind-up:  Sunday April 8, 2018.

It will be at our usual time and place:  1:30 – 3:00 p.m. at the Assiniboine Park Duck Pond shelter and surrounding area.

Please click this link  or type:  to sign up for the easy potluck menu – and to let us know who is able to attend.  The Perfect Potluck website may ask you for a password.  Please use: APJ2018  The coordinator’s last name is Unger

Jackrabbit Jamboree, Saturday March 10…register by tomorrow!

Jackrabbit Jamboree is an annual fun, family event at Windsor Park.  Skiers (12 years of age and younger) from all across Manitoba come together to play games, have races, eat lunch together and win prizes.  It’s a tradition you won’t want to miss.  Especially with all this fresh snow and a predicted -2℃ temp for Saturday!

Registration closes tomorrow (Wednesday March 7) just prior to midnight.  There are currently 34 spots remaining (at the time of this post).

Follow this link for more information and to access the Zone4 link to register.


No session today, March 4…

Based on the diminishing snow and ski trails, in addition to the lack of coaches able to attend today, there will be NO session at the park this afternoon.

Coaches Ihor, Jeff, and Katherine are now on buses accompanying seven APJ members to Thompson for the MB Winter Games this week!   They will be coaching our skiers: James, Hayes, Hudson, Axelle, Nastassja, Don-Han, and PJ.

Opening ceremonies begin at 8:30pm tonight (Sunday March 4), & ski races will take place Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Live coverage is available through Shaw.

Congratulations to all who qualified for participating in these Winter Games and all the best as each of you compete!


Hudson & Don-Han (wearing their offical Wpg Team Gold & Wpg Team Blue jackets)


James, PJ, Nastassja & Axelle, Hayes & Coach Jeff

Also in the works… we are attempting to pin down a date for a wind-up where all coaches can be in attendance.  We are looking at dates in April (after Spring break).  More info will follow.  Traditionally the wind-up takes place on a Sunday (noon/afternoon time-frame).

Finally, next Saturday March 10 is slated as the Jackrabbit Jamboree – a fun, family day of skiing and LOTS of games and prizes at Windsor Park (preschool to grade 6).  Please keep checking in with the CCSAM website and our APJ website this week to see if the event will continue to run… melting snow and unpredictable spring weather is upon us!

APJ annual expedition: Sunday February 25 at Falcon Ridge… and other important news

If your calendars were already marked, great! – you won’t miss out on this coming Sunday’s APJ annual expedition to Falcon Ridge Ski resort!

Sunday’s session (February 25) will be at Falcon Ridge (Falcon Trails Resort) – NOT at Assiniboine Park.

You’ll find Falcon Trails at the end of the south shore road of Falcon Lake: there will be great snow, milder temps, and awesome terrain!  Google Falcon Trails for a map and great resort stories or

Please prepare to arrive for skiing at 11:00 am.  We will ski together as a large group (or two).

There is a yummy restaurant there, or bring your lunch.  Bring helmets (or rent) if you want to have some more fun tubing in the afternoon… or keep skiing!  Many families stay to the end of the day and all ages have had a great time.

It’s a provincial park so remember to bring your park pass!

Driving time from Assiniboine Park to Falcon is 2 hours.  Leaving the city by 8:30 will give you plenty of time to unload the vehicle once you get there.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Secondly, the annual Dash for Cash event is next week Tuesday February 27 at Windsor Park.  It’s a really fun, very short event for kids in Nursery School through Grade 6.  Only $1 per child.  Registration is on site from 5:30-6:30.  Races begin at 6:45 and are usually finished by 7:30.  All children win either chocolate loonies or actual cash loonies!  Winners also receive medals.  More details about Dash for Cash can be found here on the CCSAM website.

Third, APJ coaches Ihor, Jeff, Katherine, and Yan will all be in Thompson with their children (James, Hayes, Hudson, Axelle, Nastassja, & Don-Han) who are competing in the MB Winter Games along with fellow-APJer, PJ McManus, from March 4-7… so Sunday March 4 will not likely run as a formal APJ session.

Toques/Buffs (and APJ clothing order) reminder

Good morning!  Just a reminder that tonight at midnight is the deadline for ordering APJ clothing (those bright orange and blue jackets).  If you have any questions about the process, speak with me or any of the coaches at this afternoon’s session.

Also, don’t forget to pick up your child’s toque/buff today, too.


Smith sporting his brand new toque

Toques & Buffs (and APJ clothing orders)

Hello APJ families.  Two announcements:

1.  The Cross-Country Ski Canada toques and buffs have arrived!  They will be distributed this afternoon (during hot chocolate time). Below is a sneak peak of what they look like this season.

Each year the toques are part of a contest across Canada and are designed by a young skier between the ages of 5-9.  For more details on this year’s toque design contest visit the following page:

APJ club members 9 years and younger will receive a toque.  APJ club members 10 years and older will receive a buff.  (If you want to trade toque for buff or vice versa, please find someone and do that on your own time to ensure distribution flows smoothly.)

FYI:  If you’re part of our APJ club, you’ve already paid for this toque/buff in your club fees.  However, if you want an extra one, the cost is $8.00/each.


2.  You’ve probably seen the snazzy orange and blue jackets worn by many of our APJ club members.  If you/your child would like to “join the crowd”, our online Storefront with PodiumWear is now open.  For more information on ordering APJ clothing, please visit our Marketplace page for more details.

Give your skis some love

Everyone needs some love.  Even your skis.  They especially enjoy a good wax now and then.

If you’re not really sure about waxing skis, or don’t have the time or interest, then here’s a solution for you:

  1. Hand them off (at the end of an APJ session) to Coach Jeff, “professional wax technician”.
  2. Using the latest technology (Italian YES Skiwax system), Coach Jeff will get your skis professionally groomed during the week.
  3. Your skis will be returned to you at the next APJ session… and will glide like they were meant to!

$10/pair/child skis.  $15/pair/adult skis.  (cash or cheque made out to Jeff McMillan)