“Wednesday Night Participation Race #13: Costume Relay“, 11 March 2015

Hello Jackrabbit Managers,

Your kids like to dress up?  How about you?  Yes?  And everyone likes to ski?  Great!

Click here to start the process to register for the “Wednesday Night Participation Race #13:  Costume Relay”.

Need some background?  Here is the latest communique from the race organiser, Ron Pelletier, sent on 2015-03-09:

Yikes out of the frying pan into the fire.   It has gone from being too cold to almost too warm.   With this in mind, and in hopes to keep our snow a little longer, we have decided to have a Wed Nite Race in order to drop the temperature a bit.

So this Wednesday we will host our costume relay…as a twist we will also declare it Onesy Wednesday.  Yup you got it … you can also wear a one piece suit.  I hear Brent [Bottomley] has a neat one-piece race suit from the 70’s and that  Steve [Scoles] has a cute one-piece panda pyjama.  It’s all game as we wind up our most unique season ever.  

Officially our last race of the year…but who knows with our usual Wednesday cold weather we may save our Snow.  It sounds like each day should be  Wednesday for now.   

So please check the confirmation list.  If your name is on there, we will add you to a team.  

 If your name is not there but have fees owing from a previously cancelled race, send me an email by 8 on Tuesday night and I will add you to a team.

Not on confirmation the list?  Still time to sign up.   

It will be great to have all of you to come out one more time.  We will have cake, hot chocolate, music, and even an MC.  What can I say when Brent and Steve pull out their onesies, we pull out all the stops.

Technique will be skate.   Weather will be cold!!!!!!

Hope to see you out there!

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