Please register for Sunday’s “The Great Cookie Sprint Off”

Please REGISTER for this Sunday’s “THE GREAT COOKIE SPRINT OFF”…our fun ski event at the park during our normal Jackrabbit session (1:30 – 3:00).

Pre-register if you want to participate!  (It’s FREE.) Registration closes at 9:00 p.m. Saturday Feb.20. 

Each family is requested to bring one dozen cookies (or more) for the cookie table.

The session will be held at Hirose Hills area, north east of the Pavilion (where Coach Jeff’s skiers usually go).

You MUST pre-register on this very simple website (NO COST) to help coaches organize this great event.  Please go to and register your skiers.  (Look for THE GREAT COOKIE SPRINT OFF.)

There are 3 categories:  100m short (Coach Katherine’s group); 300m medium (Coach Jeff’s group); 500m long (Coach Ihor’s group).  Everyone will get at least 3 races.

ALSO, Stafford Studios will be taking our photos on Sunday – in between sprinting and devouring cookies!  Individual photos and group/team photos.  You may choose to purchase or not.  No pressure whatsoever.


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