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Please take a really good look around at the pages of our website as A LOT of new content has been added this week…

  • a bunch of new photo pages are now posted in Media/Photos (some pages from last season; a page from last Sunday’s session)
  • new info in Marketplace
  • ads in the Buy & Sell
  • new Coaches pictures posted
  • a new page under the “About” menu link entitled, “Ski Gear” (more info from Coach Ihor will be added to that link soon)

And continue to check the Calendar as new events do get added to it now and then.  For example, the annual “Swap Shop” is coming up on November 21 at Windsor Park Nordic Centre.  You might get your ski gear there if you haven’t found some already.

Sunday’s session still TBA

There have been some phone calls and emails inquiring as to the status of this Sunday’s ski session… will it be happening?  It is still in the “TBA” realm due to the unpredictability of the weather and snow conditions at the Park.


  • Have all your ski gear ready to go.
  • Be prepared for the possibility of some type of APJ session at the Park this Sunday afternoon.
  • Check the website over the next few days for updates.

In the meantime, please note that there have been a few items posted on our Buy & Sell pages (under the “Marketplace” drop down menu).  One item was posted and consequently sold within a day.  However, there is still a really great deal listed:  $80 for a whole ski package!

Check out the Buy & Sell

Now that the snow has begun to fall we’re all getting a little more anxious to have our ski equipment ready to go for that exciting first session!  Please remember to check out the Buy & Sell ads posted right here on our website under the “Marketplace” drop-down menu.

Remember also that if you have an ad posted here and the items have either been sold, traded, given away, or you have found what you’re looking for, let me know so that I can remove your ad.

Thanks.  Gina

A few things to note…

This website has been undergoing a number of changes over the past few weeks.  Bear with me as I stumble over some of the hurdles that come along with navigating new territory.  The menu now has a drop-down option so please take note of the extra links attached to “About”, “Photo Gallery”, and “Marketplace”.

  1. Please spread the word to your friends and family that they are to FOLLOW this website in order to receive email notifications re: any posts to this site.  All announcements about our ski club will be made through website posts from now on.  Please remind fellow club members about this change.
  2. Registration for APJ will be closing in a few weeks (December). You must register for the club for insurance reasons and so the coaches can contact you when necessary.
  3. A “Buy & Sell” section is now attached to this website.  You can find out more about it under “Marketplace”.
  4. Photos have been posted from Sunday’s dry-land session.
  5. Check out the coaches’ bios and photos.  Every coach took time to write a blurb about her- or himself in order for you to know each one better!  Take time to read their stories.