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Sunday February 14

A few more little changes were made to the Schedule/Calendar… please note those.

This coming Sunday happens to be February 14.  Please wear your most Valentine-y clothing possible.  Get creative and decorate your ski gear in celebration of this festive day!  Dressing in red, white and pink works.  As does pinning hearts or chocolates to your clothes.   Or perhaps you’d like to don a Cupid costume for a little extra attention.  It’s all good.  And you can look forward to indulging in some Valentine goodies at the end of the session.

Note #1:   Crazy Costume Day was originally planned for this coming Sunday but will now be postponed until further notice….possibly March 20?

Note #2:  February 21 is in need of your baking skills.  That afternoon will be a fun “sprint races” session.  It will include a huge cookie table; 1 dozen cookies provided by each skier.

Note #3:  February 21 will also be when Stafford Studios comes to take our photos.  They did a wonderful job in the past.  Please make a special effort to attend that session, whether or not you choose to order photos, so that all APJ members are present for the team pictures.  (Order forms will be available from Gina on February 14 & 21.)

Family Photos…and APJ calendar

  • APJ Families:  take a look at your beautiful, smiling faces on our website!  You’ll find yourselves under the “Photos” menu link.

Since not all families are posted yet our mission is to complete that page!  Please send in a family photo of yourselves or pose nicely on Sunday for a family photo at our Sunday afternoon session.

  • Calendar/Schedule:  Please take a look at the newly updated calendar/schedule of events on the website.  There are a number of changes listed.  More details coming soon about those events.



Please take a really good look around at the pages of our website as A LOT of new content has been added this week…

  • a bunch of new photo pages are now posted in Media/Photos (some pages from last season; a page from last Sunday’s session)
  • new info in Marketplace
  • ads in the Buy & Sell
  • new Coaches pictures posted
  • a new page under the “About” menu link entitled, “Ski Gear” (more info from Coach Ihor will be added to that link soon)

And continue to check the Calendar as new events do get added to it now and then.  For example, the annual “Swap Shop” is coming up on November 21 at Windsor Park Nordic Centre.  You might get your ski gear there if you haven’t found some already.

Registration is OPEN… the calendar is up…let’s SKI!

Welcome back to another year of APJ Jackrabbits skiing!  (With it being a balmy +17℃ today I’m sure you’re in the mood for snow, right?)

Please find the registration information (and current Zone 4 link) under the drop-down tab “About“.  Remember, parents register themselves, too (for free) for insurance purposes.

Check out all the cool events the coaches have planned for us this year:   2015-16 Schedule.  For those who’d like to visually see a calendar, use the drop-down menu and view Calendar under “2015-16 Schedule”.

See you on November 1st!

Upcoming Ski Events

Please continue to check APJ’s Schedule of Events and the Google calendar that was added a few months ago.

Click here for the calendar so you can keep in the loop and know what’s going on… lots of ski events are popping up all over the place during the month of March and you won’t want to miss out on all the fun!