Sunday Dec. 18 Deadlines: Registration & clothing orders

APJ registration will be closing this Sunday, December 18, 2016.  Please make sure you register by this date if you’d like to join our ski club.

ALSO, a reminder that some parents have forgotten to register themselves!  You did a great job registering your kids, but we also need your own name on the list for liability purposes.  Please complete that process prior to Sunday December 18, 2016.

RE: the potential purchase of APJ clothing… please email Gina if you are interested in ordering our APJ club clothing.  You can view the clothing orders under the “Marketplace” link on our website.  Coach Katherine will open the store for orders if there is enough interest.  Please let us know.

A number of members have purchased the APJ jackets and they are AWESOME in all respects!  They are well-made, practical, and, let’s face it – the colours are eye-catching and pretty cool, too!

If you have questions re: clothing orders, sizing, etc. please email any of the coaches and/or ask your questions at our Sunday session.

CCC TOQUES for all members:  once registration closes, we will know the total number of APJ registrants for 2016-17 and an order will be placed for Cross Country Canada toques and buffs.  These particular toques/buffs are part of your club registration fees… you do not need to order them.  They are totally different each year (designed by kids across Canada) and are not to be confused with the orange/blue APJ toques.  We will be distributing the CCC toques to all club members in January 2017.

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