Storefront Open until Midnight December 20

Coach Katherine has opened up the APJ storefront, Podiumwear.  If you are interested in purchasing any APJ clothing (i.e. those bright, orange-coloured jackets), visit this link and follow the prompts.

Please note the following:

  • cut-off date for purchasing APJ clothing is Tuesday December 20, 2016, midnight.
  • clothing ordered will be in your possession by end of January 2017 (due to orders going through the US, etc.)
  • child-size APJ hat fits very small… best to order adult-size hats
  • ask coaches if you need a fitting prior to ordering
  • the “Coaches Softshell Jacket” is strictly available only for coaches
  • all orders are in US dollars
  • password to log in to PodiumWear is Winter2016

For more details, visit “Marketplace” in website menu.  Additional questions?  Feel free to email any of the coaches.

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