Monthly Archives: February 2016

Fast Rabbit Thursday will be ON

but it will be cold, so wear mitts instead of gloves, and some face protection! Classic skis please as skating will be sssslllooowww.

After skiing we will attempt to speed up skis with some glide wax and brushing: Ihor will bring the glide wax and irons and tools,

Windsor Park, 6:30 pm


Family Photos…and APJ calendar

  • APJ Families:  take a look at your beautiful, smiling faces on our website!  You’ll find yourselves under the “Photos” menu link.

Since not all families are posted yet our mission is to complete that page!  Please send in a family photo of yourselves or pose nicely on Sunday for a family photo at our Sunday afternoon session.

  • Calendar/Schedule:  Please take a look at the newly updated calendar/schedule of events on the website.  There are a number of changes listed.  More details coming soon about those events.


Reminder: No Jackrabbits scheduled for Sunday Feb.7

As scheduled, no rabbits today, and yes I did schedule the blizzard warning at the same time.

Fast Rabbit Thursdays at Windsor as scheduled,

Coach Ihor out (and out to the garage to get the shovels ready)

Fast Rabbit Thursdays is on

Yes we will be skiing tonight! sorry for the short notice,  go for classic skis please, to work on gripping uphill when we can!

6:30, Windsor Park,